Monday, January 11, 2010

First Day of Term 2

In the Name of Allah the most Gracious, the most Merciful..


Alhamdulillah, I have just came back from ELTM (Eng. Lang. Teaching Methodology) Class..Thank God, everything went well just now, though I felt a bit nervous in the beginning, don't know why.hehe. Maybe because of the one-month break that makes me feel quite awkward of getting up early and expose myself to chilly morning of winter..grrrrr..It's 0 degree celcius, if not lower than that. Pheeww! Well, I enjoyed today's session with Abg John. ;)

Something worth noting here is what had happened just now, on our way back home.. It's not far from the uni area, just along the way near to the playground at Falala Way..While Weda, Miera and me were walking down the road, a group of men in the moving car screamed at us, saying out loud "Al-Qaeda!". We were quite shocked hearing that yet stayed cool and calm, of being worried that something worse might happen. But Alhamdulillah since the car was on the road, in the midst of the traffic, nothing consequently took place.

And this reminds me of some other similar incidence happened to my girl friends. One, being tortured by being asked with this question: Hey why are you wearing those shit on your head? Two, Don't you feel ashamed wearing that hideous thing on your head? I smiled when my friend replied, "No, I'm proud of it!" :) And last night, someone or maybe one group of men, threw the snow ball onto my friend's window on the first floor. And they kept calling from the outside,3 Hamill, get out!!! Luckily, the decision of being ignorant and keeping silent in the room chased them away. Huhhh. This is only the beginning, I think. But why?

Is it because we are muslims, we are treated like that? Is it because we wear scarf or hijab, we are being discriminated and tortured? It's worth to note here that I'm not making a general statement, putting the blame on all English. It's a big NO, of course. There are many of them who are very nice to us, treating us like they do to others, or in other words, treating us as human beings, regardless who we are. Good. I'm proud of them. I was taught not to stereotype, but I'm aware that everyone in this world has a complete freedom of saying what they think it's worth saying.

I'm now living in a reality. A real world. And this is only a small test from Him, as compared to those or I should say Muslims in the world where hardly we could find PEACE..Astaghfirullah. May Allah reward them with His Jannah/Heaven and His endless blessings, as a payment of their patience and jihad. Ameen.

~..Sometimes I feel insecure, but I know..Allah is always with us, InshaAllah..~

p/s 1: Sekarang duk kecoh2 isu penggunaan nama Allah dalam Herald Catholic la..kes bakar gereja la..Mungkin semua ini propaganda? Wallahua'lam..
p/s 2: Mariam and Nour, are you reading this? May Allah shower His blessings on you and bless both of you with His care..I'm proud of you, sisters! :)


Emma said...

you are in my prayers sisters, I am sorry for what this people do, May Allah forgive them for they do not understand, May Allah lift the veil on their eyes. Allah has blessed us with each other in this test and you are not alone. elhamdulilliah we can show what Muslims are really like, and be an example or peace and forgiveness inshallah !
I love you sister May Allah give you all strength patience and protect you. xx

SaljuSakura said...
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::miErA:: said...

insyaallah..if all of us muslim here stick with each other and ikut pegangan Allah..insyaallah..He will protect us..

Faizatul Ema said...

Dear Emma..Thank you for your words and prayers..Let's pray that Allah gives His guidance and light for them..May Allah forgive them, Ameen..

Salam, Salju Sakura..
Amin..Thanks for your words..

My dear Miera,