Saturday, October 31, 2009


Salam alayk!

Hari nih nk wat Laporan Cuaca untuk 2 hari yg lepas.hihi.
Haze.11-16 degree celcius.

*MORNING.see? the blurry view from my window..*

*The same..*

*EVENING.It's still foggy..*


*Subhanallah! Ini gmbar hari2 biasa yg indah! =)

*This pic was taken at abt 6 in the morning..*

Done! Doakan semoga kami d sini sihat2 sokmo ye..The climate n weather difference can sumtimes be harmful to us.huhu. But dun worry, InsyaAllah, things will be fine. (^_^)

*erm..mcm mne la mlm nih..mesti native ppl dk sebok2 smbut Halloween. Kwn2, mlm nih tutup n kunci pintu, tido awal!hoho.Peace!!

p/s: Hari nih diramalkan ade haze lagi, n temperature, feels like 11 degree! n malam nih dijangka light rain..=) ---Ramalan manusia wat, namun, apa yg brlaku, Allah yg tentukan! (~_^)---

Thursday, October 29, 2009



Alhamdulillah! Kalimah hamdalah yg agung itu sudah cukup untuk ku express kan how grateful I am to Allah..syukur..=)

I hv spent an amazingly wonderful night with my new frens here. H*****,V**** and not to be forgotten, Kate. How sweet they are! A sudden love occurs then.hehe..

For the first time in my life, I make frens with non-Malaysian mualaf. Alhamdulillah, semoga Allah kekalkan hidayahNya buat mereka, dan juga buat diri ini.amin..Not much to tell about them, becos of certain circumstances to consider. Macam H*****, or also known as Maryam, kembalinya beliau kpd agama fitrah ni tanpa pengetahuan family. yes, it's sumthing common, I think. I'm proud of the strong, young, beautiful lady..And V*****, or Nour, has reverted to this deen secara terbuka..( i prefer to use the word 'revert' rather than 'convert' )mak ayah dah tahu, cuma still tak dapat terima. InsyaAllah, things will get better, iNsyaAllah..Let us pray for them..and Kate, alhamdulillah, dah kawin wif a muslim guy..dah ade pembimbing, insyaAllah, mudah sket, walaupun her family still tak faham why did she do so..

Mendengar luahan hati drp Maryam, Nour and Kate about how they feel, what they need to face and so on so forth..membuatkan diri ini terfikir, betapa beruntungnya lahir as a muslimah.Alhamdulillah! Semoga Allah tetapkan hati ini dengan jalan yg benar..amin.. Sumthing similar among them is, dioarang cuba sedaya upaya to convince that diorang masuk Islam bukan sebab sesiapa, (husband or people around them.), but, sebab hati diorang sendiri yg nak.. They know what they are doing. InsyaAllah, dgn hati yg ikhlas keranaNya. Macam Kate, ye cakap, dulu before masuk Islam, dia cuba mencari 'sesuatu'. she got almost everything--money, frens, a happy life n so on. Tapi she said that she felt emptiness inside. Wah! meremang bulu roma dgr.. She tried searching for sumthing yg bleh buat hidup nye tenang, for example pegi clubbing n minum2..But, she said, she found nothing. Alhamdulillah, now dah takde dah emptiness tuh..=)
N Maryam, she got to choose between gereja dan masjid. ye cAkap, i dun want to be in gereja, I feel safer and more peaceful being in masjid. Oh! indahnya!

Ok..cerita sket about what we had last nite, at my frens' house.. (Credit to t-rex, aida n muna..and also Kate!) We had solah jemaah, then makan2 sket..After that, sembang panjang lebar. How nice having a chat with them! Walaupun communication ku dlm English tak berapa nak ok lagi, but i enjoyed it very much.. Ada chance nk improve speaking n listening skills nih!hehe.. Yes, it's incredibly fantastic n lovely to meet them..wah..dah rindu kat diorang.hehe...Takleh lupe time Nour asked us about the way to wear hijab.hihi..They wonder how we girls wear that protective tudung. ye lah, macam2 fesyen ade. belit2 la, pusing2 la..hehe..Then we showed them some styles of wearing tudung.Kate pun tak ketinggalan menunjukkan bakat.huhu. One prob is, kat UK takde jual brooch yg mcm kite2 jumpa kat Msia tuh.huhu. Therefore, we gave them some..Hepinye diorang..alhamdulillah.. They look very cute n beautiful in that hijab.. (^_^)Tapi tulah, it's only in that house.That's it. Mase nk balik, dah kene bukak tudung balik, for security purpose.. Diorang belum expose kan keislaman in public lagi, maybe only some know abt that..InsyaAllah, kita doakan Allah beri kekuatan..amin.

(^^) (^_^) ;)

Hope to see them again, soon! Insha Allah..

- convert: to change, transform, alter..
-revert: to return, go back, change back..

(but dua2 words bleh guna..he..prefer to use 'revert' sbb asalnya setiap org dilahirkan dalam agama fitrah kan..then yg mencorakkannya adalah mak ayah..then bg yg masuk islam tu, seakan 'kembali semula' to sweet.Alhamdulillah.)
p/s: ayat rojak, english-bm, ade yg memang sgt disengajakan, dan ade yg memang tak sengaja.ehhe. harap maklum.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Reading Week!!!

" Hi all. I'm now announcing that u'll be given a one-week off."

"Yessss!!! wow!" (^_^)
~smiling faces~

"..and it's a Reading Week."

"What???" (~_~)
~muka pasrah~

What a reading week looks like-- one thing which I'm now still confused about. (buat2 kompius kot?huhu)
Yes, it's sumthing we had never had before, in IPBA. We used to have Revision Week right before the Final Exam, but still we needed to go to classes. oh hoo..Revision week, but not even one single day off for our own revision. (but effective jugak, no doubt. mase tu la lecturer bnyk bg tips exam.huhu.)

That is IPBA way. Now kite tgk pattern UK cmne..hehe

Reading Week Special Package:

1. Bundles of reading
2. Sets of assignment
3. Sets of reflection

*tak tau nk mula kat mane..oh esaimen.wait for me ye..skali kite date, susahla nk dulu. amek mood.huhu* (this way is only applicable to ppl with the same species of me , k. budak2 nerd, jgn berani cuba2.huhu)

*Adeh,takmo tgk.takmo tgk.*

*Terpaksa tgk gak..huhu. the nearest one nye submission, this coming Dec..yosh!!*
(jap2. ade sumthing yg mcm menarik kat one of the dates..huhu)

*mulakan dengan Bismillah..jgn lupe bce doa..mohon dipermudahkan..juga diberi ilham..insyaAllah..
Allahumma yassir! wala tu'assir!ya Kareem..
(bnyk lg doa, mcm2..amalkan!!)

*Voluntary work..bile kah nk mule? Take note. my turn: Friday morning.*

*Turun tangga.naik tangga.Hidup seperti takde arah tuju, bile plan ntah ke mana. adeh. Yosh! Go ema!*

*Bila takde arah tuju..Bawa hatimu kepada Tuhan..that's the most right path to go...isn't it???Mohon hidayah, berserta usaha.(pinjam buku Shudy my housemate..=)*

Ok.Ok. ini hanyalah entry just rite b4 mata terlena. (+_+)

esaimen tak siap:nightmare
esaimen,reading,notes well done:sweet dream
balik malaysia:impian murni
abis 1st year:mimpi indah
abis second yr:lg indah
abis 3rd yr:big dream
grad:dream to achieve
semua yg di atas: still berangan!huhu.

ok.enough of babbling. zzzzzz..


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Never stop believing!

Try again
Never stop believing
Try again
Don't give up on your love
Stumble and fall
Is the heart of it all
When you fall down (down)
Just try again

Oh. Sila fokus pada words yg di bold n colour kan je ye..hehe..but kalu nk cuba tafsir semua pun, tak salah. (^_^)

Try again. Try again. Try again. These two miraculous words do bring great influence in some people's lives. Thomas Edison, the American scientist may be one of them. "If I find 10,000 ways something won't work, I haven't failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward", he said. And now, terciptalah light bulb kan..

Adeh. tetibe cakap pasal Thomas Edison plak.hehe..sebenarnya nk cakap that I feel so happy sebab akhirnya berjaya add Cbox kt blog nih! setelah beberapa kali mencuba.huhu. Akhirnya hari ni Allah izin, jadi plak. Alhamdulillah. Moga ia memberi kesenangan buat blog visitors utk tggl kan komen..maybe cara ni lebih mesra. ;)

Ok. sampai jumpa lagi di next entry..
*walopon blog nih agak merapu-rapu.huhu*

(Try Again, WESTLIFE)

Jalan2 London


Alhamdulillah, syukur. Matlamat dah tercapai.hehe. A one-day off to London has given me a great chance to find my winter clothing! We are always late. Primark has been the top in the first places-to-go list of my frens'.Yes. I'm quite sure abt that. But not for us.huhu.No matter what n how, yg penting, we hv made it! --Going to London to settle all important things down! IMPORTANT! hehe..Living in a place of a totally different latitude and longitude has required me to do so. Shivering in this cold autumn (which the natives won't agree hearing this) has forced me to be not-so-looking-forward the unexpectable freezing winter. Undoubtedly, i'm quite excited upon snow men, the pure, white snow and especially the great signs of Allah the Almighty. However, i just cudn't imagine how cold and terrible the winter will be when seeing my fragile Malaysian skin is getting baby-like since I arrived here. =p. It sounds a bit exaggerated but I mean it. Maybe I'm still very new to this. Yes. Still. I wonder how the other places, i mean the ones with extreme weather would be. Sabarlah wahai manusia, itu juga kebesaranNya.. ;)

A one-day travel sounds easy and as simple as ABC, or even more. However, travelling in a foreign country which we are not very used to, needs some kinds of preparation. We need to bear in mind of solah time, where to pray and so on, with considerations. Girls, especially, dun forget to bring ur extra clean socks! Bringing along ur liners is also advisable!=p. Never expect that everything is the same as we used to have in our own country. A bottle of mineral water (or at least an empty one) is absolutely a need, since English toilets will never provide us water inside!huhu. Another important necessity is the Compass! Yes. A manual Qiblat compass is enough, but a high-tech one should also be ok. ;) Girls, again. Personally, I would prefer u gurls bring extra tissue, socks, liners and maybe a pashmina-like shawl wherever u go! It will benefit u, InsyaAllah.. (Dun 4get ur lip balm and skin mosturizer jugak ye!The cold and dry air will easily cause our lips and skin dehydrated!owh.I miss my tanah tumpah darah tercinta..)

Ok, I think this is enough for now. (But, writing is never enough for a TESL student. Some more are waiting in the list! owh. assignments. essays. I luv u! huhu. harap2 hati nih ikhlas!hihi.)

Eyes, enjoy!

~Here we go! This photo is taken on our way to the West Canterbury Station~

~These are what I managed to grab!he..2 beg je..the least among all.~

~My winter coat is inside there! Walaupun geli pakai baju bulu2 gini, tapi terpaksa.errk.~

~Primark is always crowded! I think.huhu.This has made me to force myself to give up wandering inside the mall earlier than others. Better to wait outside.=)

~Primark, London. Lebih kurang Sogo, Malaysia. Ye kot. huhu.~

~On our way..Depan sket je lagik!~

~Kat sini susah cari tudung ala2 Malaysian..Banyak shawl je=p

Ok! itulah cerita nya..tak berapa menarik, but sekadar sharing. Erm, macam ade gambar missing. Gambar solat di padang. Still in my fren's camera. *Lupa cas bateri kamera sendiri, mati half way.rugi2.huhu.redha.*

P/s1: Thanks frens, it's very nice n enjoyable to have all of you..
p/s 2: Buat juniors, takyah la susah2 bawak winter clothing from Malaysia. Bawak satu sweater je dulu cukup rasanya. Cni bnyk pilihan n even cheaper.=p

Peace! (^_^)v

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mencari Cinta

Bertemu cinta teragung
Di dalam sujudku asyik menyanjung
Umpama pengembara di malam gelita
Dan untuk cintanya menerangi jiwa

Sekian lama terbiar
Dalam belantara hidup nan liar
Di bukit ku tersepit di lembah terhina
Hidup yang perit mengajarku mencari cinta

Oh, ku sangka teguh
Kiranya masih rapuh
Kusangka mudah namun amat payah

Kusedar semua pasti ada akhirnya
Moga akhirku diselimut cinta
Cinta agung-Nya

Sekian lama diri terlalai
Kehidupan terabai
akhirnya aku temui kedamaian abadi

(Mencari Cinta, Saujana)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

.: The stories behind :.

Here are the photos that I believe cud tell a lot of stories! (^_^)

When people get older, they get a higher risk of having SMS ( Short-term Memory Syndrom). That's why I need all these!Memos. Useful though!

Haaa...see that? dun u ever try to disturb me! *alarming bunyik nye.huhu..* kiddin' je. Do come, cos my room is blessed when u r in there!InsyaAllah.. (^_^)

Sumber inspirasi, melepas rindu..huhu..

When Ema becomes not so Ema.huhu. Study@wat homework sambil internet depan mata..huh..challenging abes. Temptation.temptation.huhu.yA Allah, tabahkan hatikuu..=)

Pandang2 jeling2 di dinding kamar..hehe..NO SMOKING? Take note ye...=)

Fokus! My beloveds are here wit me!!!*angan2.hihi*

Daaa~Just a quick drop-by! See ya! Cheers!

p/s: gambar di bawah cahaya lampu kuning yg menyakitkan mata..sabar je..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Do stop
Please do stop running
O dear tears

But I just cudn't help myself
Nothing cud I do
But let it runs free

O soul!
You are strong! Aren't you?
You are
where the loves of the lovers are
You are
where the beloveds stay in
You are
where the love grows
You are
where the flowers of bliss blossom
You are
Cos you
are where the heart is..

O Lord!
The Source of strength
The Source of happiness
The Source of bliss
The Source of everything..
Help me to stop this!

O heart, O soul..
Be strong!

p/s 1: Every time I see you, rivers of warm tears keep running..I'm sorry..but I do miss you a lot. O Allah, ighfirli..ighfirlaha..Sampaikan salam rinduku buatnya..

p/s 2: Sorry to publish this kind of entry. *personal*

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dulu dan Kini...

Salam buat semua (^_^)
Moga sentiasa dirahmatiNya..

Dulu dan kini..kehidupan yg sedikit berbeza..Kuredha..Yang penting, moga Allah tetapkan hati ini pada jalan yg lurus..amin..

Jika DULU, ibu yg masak..ku cuma tolong2..KINI, kene berdikari..bersama kawan2..

*juadah last berbuka puasa di rumah*

*juadah first berbuka di canterbury*

Jika DULU, ini habitatku..huhu. Tidur bertemankan Kitty kesayangan dan kadang2 kakak..Namun KINI, rindu terpendam..huhu

*my lovely sweetie bedroom*

*lovely jugak...tapi lain, memang lain.tak same, ade yg kurang*

Jika DULU, suasana nyaman kg. Alur Keladi dan kehijauan pokok2 depan rumah menjadi teman, KINI, semua dalam ingatan..

*depan rumah kat kampung tercinta*

*jalan ke uni*

Jika DULU, senang nak singgah semayang di masjid, KINI, cabarannya amat berat..gereja je yg banyak..

Masjid Hadhari, Jerteh..

*The Cathedral, gereja yg besar amat.huh.*

Jika DULU, inilah rumahku syurgaku..KINI, emmm..insyaAllah ade izzahnya juga..

*halaman depan rumah..tempat budak2 main*

*jalan depan blok rumah skrg, tempat geng2 balik dari party melalak malam2..huh..*

Kalau DULU, bleh makan buah2 tempatan senang2 je..KINI,, kene makan buah2 tempatan sini je..(best jugak, tp still rindu buah2 malaysia)

*pokok rambutan belakang je*

*buah strawberi kat market, tak free.kene beli.huhu*

~Alhamdulillah..ucapan Hamdalah atas segalanya..~

p/s 1: Missing home...
p/s 2: Redha, setiap ketentuan Allah ade hikmahnya..Sabar..Doa..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Al-Fatihah buatnya... (updated)


Ya Allah, Kau lebih menyayanginya..

13 oktober 2009, hari mula menggenapkan bulan pertama aku d cni..
Suatu berita menggemparkan telah menyebabkan hati ini sayu..Namun Dia Maha Mengetahui apa yg terbaik..Takziah buat sahabatku dan keluarganya..atas pemergian kakak beliau..Berita yg kupasti menggemparkan Bumi Malaysia..pelajar tahun akhir (dentistry) perubatan yg maut dalam kemalangan di Salem, Chennai, India..Al-Fatihah buat Allahyarhamah Fatimatussolihah bt. Aziz.. Alhamdulillah, selamat sudah perjalanan adiknya terbang dari bumi UK ke Malaysia, demi menatap allahyarhamah buat kali terakhir..Alhamdulillah, ku telah maklum jenazah juga sudah selamat sampai di Malaysia dan selamat dikebumikan di Terengganu..

Di sini ingin saya kongsi 2 artikel yg begitu menyayat hati..sayu bila membacanya..


ni ade link blog sahabat allahyarhamah..

p/s 1: Al-fatihah..semoga Allah menempatkan rohnya bersama org2 beriman dan beramal soleh..amin..

p/s 2: Setiap yang bernyawa pasti akan merasai mati..Semoga Allah memberkati sisa usia yang kita ada ini..hingga ke penghujungnya..InsyaAllah..

Bicara si ibu..

Salam 'alayk wahai pengunjung blog sekalian...
Salam juga buat diri sendiri..=)
Moga ucapan salam menjadi doa yg sentiasa termaqbul..ameen..

Pagi yg indah..dengan hati yg damai..bersama senyuman terukir di wajah..Alhamdulillah..suatu kebahagiaan berputik mekar di hati..Terubat sedikit rindu yang terpendam..

" Assalamualaikum.."

"wa'alaikumussalam...ema? pukul berapa kt sana?"

"masih pagi ma, bru lepas sahur.."

"oohh..pagi2 call? baru nk masak tengahari ni.."

"oh..alaa.maaf ganggu ma.."

"eh takpe nak borak ngn ema dulu..he.."

"bla bla bla...(borak panjang).."

"ma...a.long tak balik?"

"Jumaat hari tu yg last.."


" dgr bunyi keta..a.long kot..haaa..nih sofea ye tidur.."

", panggil a.long.."

"hello...bla bla..rindu..sihat..sejuk..kawan2..makan..bla..bla.."

"ema nk ckp ngn k.nini?"


"bla..penguin..comel..fwz mrajuk..huhu.bla2.."

"bla..bla..sampaikan salam..rindu..sayang.."


setengah jam belum cukup..sekejap cuma.aahh..

(15 oct 09)

alhamdulillah....moga kebahagiaan ini kekal selagi hayat dikandung badan..amin..

Masih teringat senyuman ibu..masih terbayang saat menerima suapan buka puasa terakhir darinya sebelum meninggalkan tanah air..masih terasa kehangatan sentuhan dan pelukannya..masih melekat kucupan sayang di seluruh wajahku..masih..ku mengenang semua itu..sesuatu yang amat kurindu..belaian manja, kucupan mesra, layanan penuh bahagia, suara lembutnya...semua itu kurindu..ya Allah..Moga kami dipertemukan lagi...amin..

" masak ape hari ni?"


"saje ma..."

"ok, ok.. ma suap dari jauh..hehe.." i miss u !

~...berbuka puasa before the departure...KLIA, 13 Sep 2009~

p/s 1: Sekadar luahan hati yg tgh happy..kesedihan, kebahagiaan, semuanya terselit hikmah!
p/s 2: A tribute to my family, especially my beloved mama..Thanx a lot, for everything..
p/s 3: Love our family! Peace! (^_^)

let's listen to these songs..

Monday, October 5, 2009

Wahai Jiwa yang tenang..

Wahai jiwa yang tenang! Kembalilah kepada Tuhanmu dengan hati yang redha dan diredhaiNya..maka masuklah ke dalam golongan hamba-hambaKu..dan masuklah ke dalam syurgaKu..

(Al-Fajr: 27-30)

Ayat yang agak pendek dan ringkas, namun terkandung sejuta makna.. Subhanallah! Hati mana tidak gembira menerima jemputan maha hebat! Jemputan ke syurga Allah yang maha agung! tiada tergambar oleh fikira, tiada terukir dengan ukiran indah tangan manusia, tiada terucap dengan kata-kata indah sang pujangga! Maha hebat, itu jemputan dariNya!

"Wahai jiwa yang tenang..."

Aaahh...jemputan itu hanya khas untuk pemilik2 jiwa yang tenang! Siapa pemilik jiwa tenang itu? Terasa diri ini tidak layak, jauh panggang dari apinya..Ketenangan berpanjangan, suatu anugerah Allah yang amat susah untuk kudapat, jua pertahankan..Allah, kurniakan kami ketenangan hati..nafsul mutma'innah!

27. [To the righteous it will be said], "O reassured soul,
28. Return to your Lord, well-pleased and pleasing [to Him],
29. And enter among My [righteous] servants
30. And enter My Paradise."

Ya Allah...maha indah ayat-ayatMu! Reassured soul! How I wish I own one!
O Lord, place me among them,
among those who possess the reassured soul..amen..

"Yaa ayyatuhannafsul mutma'innah!
Irji'i ila robbikiroodhiyatanmardhiyyah!
Fadkhuli fii 'ibaadi..wadkhuli Jannati...!"

A new stage of life begins..

Good day, everyone! Owh, how I wish I cud have all 'goods' in life..InsyaAllah, He knows the best! (^_^)

Just a little sharing about my life now.. Everyday is always a new day for me, n for everyone. Also, everyday I'm hoping for a better day. huh.. Going to class in the early morning wif the blanket of coldness is indeed sumthing very new to me..and sumthing that makes my life very different compared to the former one is the title of being an undergraduate student! Owh, one thing that I might think offer me greater challenges as much as the chances! Wish dat I cud choose the best, prioritise well n do great! InsyaAllah. word that I believe will never meet a full stop. Yes, LIFE is all about learning n vice versa. That mind-boosting word, or even can become kinda haunting, sumtimes, usually reminds me of books, lectures, notes, exams, assignments n homework! Praying hard that I'm always ready for those.. huhu..

***suddenly it sounds serious..huhu..enough2..****
Let me share about my new life in Canterbury..

~Eid 2009, celebrating wif frens n lecturers~

~Laptop yg sungguh menggoda jiwa n menguji iman!Actually it's not th elaptop, but the internet!~

~Focus skett..See the cute couple?bagi semangat tuh!hee..~

~Especially for those who are indeed very special in my life!~
Wait yeee..he

~Homesick. Rindu. Sayang. Kasih. Cinta.~

ELTM-English Language Teaching Methodology (one major subject which really requires me to put another thinking hat- as an educator/teacher!)*sigh* eh, study2!

Gelora Jiwa- "The outer temptation can sumtimes become greater than the inner intention". Having intention alone is not enough to make things real. Oh self, again, i'm reminding you..

"Allahumma yassir wala tu'assir ya Kareem.."

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Moga diri ini tidak tersalah kata..dan moga apa yg keluar ini ada manfaatnya..

atas segalanya..

Kata-kata cinta terucap indah
Mengalun berzikir di kidung doaku
Sakit yang kurasa biar jadi penawar dosaku
Butir-butir cinta air mataku
Teringat semua yang Kau beri untukku
Ampuni khilaf dan salah selama ini
Ya ilahi....Muhasabah cintaku...
Khas buatmu..
Semalam aku kelukaan,
Kecewa kehampaan,
Mencalar ketabahan,
Impian seringku harapkan menjadi kenyataan
Namun tak kesampaian,Allah…
Inginku hentikan langkah ini
Bagaikan tak mampu untuk ku bertahan
Semangat tenggelam lemah daya,
Haruskah aku mengelamun jiwa
Ku berbisik inilah dugaan
Dan langkahku kini terbuka
Pada hikmah dugaan uji keimanan
Dan dilontarkannya ujian diluar kekuatan setiap diri insan
Allah…Pimpini diriku,
Untuk bangkit semula
meneruskan langkah perjuangan ini
Cekalkan hati dan semangatku
Kurniakan ketabahan........
Agar mimpi jadi nyata..padaMu ku meminta
Dan ku mohon agung kudrat
MuWahai Tuhan Yang Satu
Segalanya dariMu...
~Berusaha Berjaya~
Bersama-Sama Kita Membina
Masa Depan Yang Lebih Gemilang
Kita Tanamkan Tekad Di Hati
Berusaha Menuju Wawasan
Rajin Bekerja Terus Berusaha
Bagai Hidup Selama-Lamanya
Beramal Ibadah Kepada Allah
Bagai Esok Sudah Tiada Lagi
Bersama Ini Kita Semai Cita
Bersama-Sama Kita Mengejarnya
Dan Bersama-Sama Kita Pun Berdoa
Agar Semua Usaha Kita Diberkati
Hindarkan Kemalasan
Jauhilah Rasa Rendah Diri
Pohon Tak Kan Berbuah
Jika Tak DibajaiBegitulah Hidup Kita
Perlu Bekerja Dan Berusaha
Bulat Tak Kan Bergolek
Pipih Tak Datang Melayang
*Muhasabah cinta, EdCoustic
*Langkah tercipta,UNIC
*Berusaha berjaya, Hijjaz


Khas buat ibu tercinta..ku amat merinduimu!
Sunyi...selubungi malam...Mengusik minda yang terlontar jauh...Masih hangat terasa ...Tangan yang membelai yang mengusik manja...Daku damba kasihmu...Biar jadi pedoman...Buat penyuluh jalan kugapai impian..
Angin...kau nyanyikan lagu...Untuk permataku...tenang selalu...Bayu...sampaikan berita...Daku kini ceria...aman dan bahgia...Selimutkan rinduku bersama malammu..
Hadirlah...kau dalam mimpiku...Agar kau selalu...ada disisiku...Rindu belaian kasihmu...Rindu senyumanmu...Penawar lukaku...Dengarkan laguku...hadiah untukmu...Jasa dan baktimu ku kenang selamanya..Dikaulah cahaya...Bila malam menjelma...Kasihmu membawa ke syurga...Dan redha yang Esa...
Lagu Permataku (Mirwana)