Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nothing much, it's all about me

As the Earth moves, day by day,time passes, we become older..As life goes on, we become another man in this world, facing many unexpected things in life, and that makes us a man. Allah knows what's best for us. He may not give what we ask from Him, but He does give us what we need. O Allah, how I have missed all the 'bests' You gave to me..I always forget to say Thank You. To feel grateful. To say Alhamdulillah. To give the best back to You..Forgive me, Astaghfirullah..

Allah knows what is best for me..

How great He has planned for me..everything! I want this, I want that. From You, I keep asking. O Lord of el-'alameen, please give me that..Yes! I have got what I wanted! I have got what I asked from You! Though, how much gratefulness did I show to you..How many times did I say Alhamdulillah, praising You! Astaghfirullah... But can I say it now, to show how grateful I am, for giving me all I have in life..for almost 21 years! Plus when I was once in my mother's womb..and plus when I was first created! Owh! How now I feel grateful to You!

I still remember..

" Mum, could I join my friends going there and there?"

"Oh, no dear..InshaAllah, you will have your own time for that..Just be patient, and wait for it.."

--And now, I have got what I have wished long time ago! Allah knows..---

And I also remember..

"I dun wanna leave u, mum..I wanna be with you..always.."

---But Allah has planned the best for me..I am the youngest daughter, I am the pampered-like one, I am the one who wished for always being close to my beloveds..Yet, I am the one, chosen to live a life like this, now! Allah, I put my entire trust in You..Yes, this is the best for me..---

And I remember..when sometimes I tried asking myself:

"Why should this happen?why?"

---Astaghfirullah..I know, I shouldn't.But I'm a human.A normal one. Forgive me ya Allah, for questioning such a big-NO-need-to-ask question..Coz I should always remember that You know the best of what You are doing for us..---

Ya Allah..I want to thank You..Deep from the bottom of my sincere heart..I say..


For showing me the rigth path..
For giving me a blissful family..
For blessing me with good people around me..
For helping me when I'm in need..
For listening to me whenever I go to You..
For showering Your bliss in my heart..
For lighting up my life with Your guidance..
And always be with You, the greatest praise of all..Alhamdulillah, for everything!!!

...Peace be upon all of you, my dear visitors!...


SaljuSakura said...

Allah knows what is better for His creations...wheater it was hard to endure it, was a step for us to move forward..for being redha by Him..
be like a diamond,more kirei n beautifull when it received more pressure from earth..althougt it was a very hard step to take..but look,what we can produces from that situation..a hard,beautiful n valuable thing..

-u-n-s-p-0-k-e-n- said...

nmpk gaya wabak minda berkecamuk tlh melanda budak2 cccu...
semuanya jiwa kacau~
neway, nice n3 :)
written nicely... n0t like mine

Faizatul Ema said...

to salju sakura: thanks for your words..

to aten: yes, semuanya sbb esaimen yg berlambak kot.haha.relax2.fuhh..

thanx for reading n leaving ur comments here.

ai, urs pun, ape kurangnyee=)

zz said...

bce ema nye blog rse cam gi usrah je. x pn isk. the weird thing is, tulis blog ade mase, wat assgnment xde lak.

-u-n-s-p-0-k-e-n- said...

byk kurgnye la cik ema..
full with foul language..
heck i care~ haha

Faizatul Ema said...

to aten: ala, ema nye tuh kalo bg cik grammar check, bnyk gak slah rasanya.

to z: thanx for the first part

it hurts for the second part.but it's ok then. i accept that. ema takdela serajin z duk ngadap buku n esaimen je. =p

*f@ryh@* said...

allah knows what's the best for u..smoga segalanya yang terbaik ntuk kamu dearest friend ema..luv u

Faizatul Ema said...

InshaAllah.ameen.thanx ieha.luv u soo much!

zz said...

haha. dont get me wrong ema syg. i was saying that to myself tp tulis kat blog ema. sbb rse cam classic sgt nk whining lamenting n whining kat blog sendiri...elele merajuk lak. dhla nk gi scotland x dapek ni...kuciwa.let's kill our time with stalking on other people's blog! dh bce encik iskandar zakaria latest post? getting much2 more interesting...

Faizatul Ema said...

huhu..hai sayang.

sory..sumthing was going wrong with me on the day i replied ur comment. It's just terlebih emo.hoho..biasalah..nk kata pms, tak jugak.hihi..

owh! gimme the link. till now tak jumpa link ke blog abg z tuh.huhu..

z..luv u! <3

zz said...

me too. wink2.

akuE said...

walau betapa kuatnya seseorang,
walau betapa pandainya sseeorang, walau betapa hebatnya seseorang, walau betapa 'gedebenya' sseeorang,
seseorang itu x kan dapat bernafas tanpa izinNya...
bersyukur dapat diberi peluang bernafas.Moga digunakan utk menyiapkan diri menemuiNya...amin..

lama x dengar berita dari canterbury..rindu plak...he3

Faizatul Ema said...

Betul tu, setuju ngn anis..

hehe..rindu anis jugek..=)