Monday, July 19, 2010

My first Summer Break: More than words...


It has been a longggg while since the last time I updated you, Mr. (Miss, hehe) blog. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah. The countdown is over, since I'm now safely home, sweet home.. It's 19 July, hence one of the most memorable moments in my life has put a mark in my life diary 2 weeks ago..Thank You Allah, for making this a reality...Nor sweet words neither great poems could I say or recite, except for endless thanks and gratitude upon You..Alhamdulillah...

A 2-week duration seems to fly very fast, that I feel it's like only 2 days being here.. Having spent loads of time at home makes me a very 'reserved' person. huhu. And when people ask my mum, or rather my father; "Where's ur daughter Ema?" The schematic response would be "She spends a lot of her time sleeping". Such an honest answer :p Yes, I do admit that I was suffering from jetlag for about 1 week. And I would dare say nothing to comment on the other remaining week. *sigh* Perhaps it's another phase of jetlag, huhu. Sorry Ma, I know I didnt help you much so far....... You're the one who cooks, and serves the meals.. And it's you who always asks me what to eat, as if I could request any from you. Thanks Ma :))

I really loved the first few days when you spent some time with me, sharing things I missed before...and the part I like the most when you started the 'story' of our late beloved Grandma off..It was so touching, the way you made the storyline..and it was such a 'good' bedtime story that made me feel like going back to the past time, being there when that 'tragedy' occured. Oh I shouldnt say that, 'cos I certainly couldnt do so... Allah knows best.. The memories return when we talk about 'it', and share things related to 'it'....Thanks Mama.. *Al-Fatihah*

And the feelings when the first time I saw Ayah from the window of MAS flight that night, are something I couldnt even express here..It's something..Yes, something.. And the time when you hugged and kissed me...comforting me over all the sufferings I had, and all the sadness, sorrow and emptiness.... And when my tears became yours, I could feel the re-bonding..How I miss all that...Alhamdulillah, I should thank Him first, for all the blessings He gives...

And thanks..for keep listening to me..hehe.. - Thanks for making things easier when you told Ayah about 'that'.. ;-) -

Thank You Allah..Thank You Allah..Thank You Allah..
Please don't stop showering your blessings on us...Ameen..

"The longest a wife could survive without her husband is 4 months..and it can only stand for 8 months the maximum for a daughter to be away from her mother... (I made it , it's 10 months.. I survived until the 8th month and the last couple of months was....MISERABLE) huhu.." *this is merely my own-created theory*


Still spending time at home..until 23rd July...
And this is my plan..

23: Off to KL.
24: Spending time with Kak Gee & Ustaz
25: Meeting Wawa before her send-off to Jordan (with Ira)
26: Overnights at Mama's house
27-28: To Weda's house (IPBA plus KL 'tour')
29: Weda's or Mama's house?
30-2 Aug: Wonderful Overseas Weekend WOW (IluvIslam's Predeparture)
(31 July: Weddings in Ampang and Gombak InshaAllah try to make it)
2 Aug: Off to Lumut, Perak..Meeting sister & family.
4 Aug, maybe: home sweet home..

May Allah ease..

Having presented this to Mum, she said... "Kejapnye ema duk rumah.." *sedih*
InshaAllah I'll try my best to make this short stay as meaningful as I could InshaAllah.
Pray for me, jzkk ^^

Wslm :)


JHaZKiTaRo said...

salam.. blog hopping.. singgah2 la blog hamba kalau nak baca pengalaman hamba mengembara di 45 BUAH NEGARA.. :)

weda said...

ema bz mcm yb. haha

nohskywalker said...

salam ema..interesting post=)..i've juz updated mine with few posts regarding the 10months experiences in uk so to pay a visit=)