Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's nearly there...


3 July 2010.
And it's 2 days left. :)

Just dropping by, leaving some words to get the mood of writing this final ah-sigh-ment.huhu. It's my so-called post-exam essay , in which I aimed to finish on 2 July but it turned not to happen so. Mmm. Maybe because I'm too 'busy' with forever-non-finished packing thingy (alasan). It's been a problem for me and friends to put our things everywhere we think possible to do so. Alhamdulillah we are done with half, or maybe 3/4 of packing personal and house stuffs and moving to our housing agents' office store. Lucky we are given the so-called store to put all the bulky bags and boxes in. Alhamdulillah, we appreciate it very much. All plates and glasses are packed, leaving us to practise the 'sunnah' (as what our Prophet did) to eat using 'talam' or 'dulang'. Hope this will strengthen our sisterhood (though I am sometimes off to UKC, staying overnight there) by having meals together using one 'big plate'.. InshaAllah..One thing I realise , reflecting myself, I don't enjoy cooking lately or in other words, malas ke dapur. Whether I myself am lazy or it's just the mood of going back home outweighs everything now.. huhu.. (alasan..) Sorry girls for being quite lazy. (as if before this I wasn't one.he).


I'm trying hard to become a very very patient person, bearing with things I HATE to do. That's what a LIFE is. Sometimes He just tests you by giving things you don't even dream about. Since I'm taking Egyptair, I need to make sure that my luggage doesn't exceed 20 kg. Heaven it was when I first travelled to the UK using MAS, with the Grads Card that allowed me to bring things as much as 30 kg, Alhamdulillah. Thanks KPM. :) But now it's a total different , apart from the fact that I need to buy the ticket myself, I also need to pack things all by myself..And the most unpleasant important part is the different weight limit for the luggage. Sigh. I have only got one final alternative: To ship all the extras ... Hoping that all will be fine.. Sabarlah menunggu sebulan lebih utk terima barang... huhu (Keluarga besar, banyaklah souvenir nye.tu pun belum tentu cukup.hehe)

And tonight..Again..PACKING. MOVING. Since we couldn't move to our new house until 7 July, we are in a dire need of other people's belas ihsan. hehe. Apa lagi, tumpang barang lah.. Alhamdulillah, some of them are here over the summer, and some go back a bit later than us, and the part we are most grateful for is that we have places to put the remaining things in: Duvets, pillows, some clothings, toiletries, cutleries etc..

22 September

Since we will only be back here on 22 September, we'll never have a chance to enjoy (hopefully) living in our new house. (tak duduk over the summer break pun, still kena bayar rent penuh. huhu. takdapat watpa..)

Annual International Education Conference

Alhamdulillah. I'm done with our University's big event..The Cutting Edges Education Conference. Being one of the voluntary team members gave me some opportunities to meet many 'educators' or academics from many parts of the world including HongKong, Taiwan as well as Malaysia. huhu. Basically the presentations were all about creativity in teaching. One of the best parts about the conference is that we had a chance to meet our lecturers from IPBA who were also presenting in the conference.. All they did was taking our hearts back to our beloved MALAYSIA.. =))

Exam results

At last, the Exam Board has confirmed our final exam results. It's a good news that no one has to come back to UK in early September for the referral paper. Alhamdulillah, all passed. :) These are all blessings from Him inshaAllah..

Happy Time

It's just that..........I can't wait to meet my family.... :))
Please pray for me and friends. Hope everything will be fine. Ameen.
May Allah ease and bless our journey...

I will also miss you, for sure, Canterbury! :)

Wassalam wbt.

p/s: That's all. Hope the mood remains. :)


Anonymous said...

ema,wt la button like cm pateng wt 2..nk like byk2..hee~ :)

Faizatul Ema said...

eh macam mana nk wat tu? tak reti..hehe..btw, ni spe nih..? shud kah? aj kah? he..

Anonymous said...

haa..itukitetaktawu..nnt ema tnya pateng..sbb kt blog dia ada..wt taw..nk like byk2..hee~ :)