Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sakura Song .. Sad but Beautiful

~ Sakura at CCCU Spring 2012~

Beautiful song by Moriyama

Time fades away, we wait for the day
For the day when you come back home again
We're standing here, no more crying, no more fear
On the lane where cherry blossoms bloom

You were always there when a friend needed care
Just one smile and you could cure their pain
Because of you, we could always make it through
The love you gave erased all of our gloom

So now here we are
But no matter how far
Away you go we'll always be with you

Sakura sakura
As these cherry blossoms bloom
Even they realize that one day a goodbye will have to come
So farewell my friend
But this is not the end
Please stay the same until I see you again

Forget the past, make this moment last
And speak only words we truly feel
Wish you the best, may your future be blessed
And all of your dreams become real

Moments pass us by
As we try not to cry
Wherever you go never forget me

Sakura sakura
As these cherry blossoms fall
They dream silently of next spring when rebirth will come to all
Don't you cry now, my friend
For this is not the end
Keep up that smile until I see you again

Sakura sakura
As these cherry blossoms dance
Blown in all directions by the wind, their fate is left to chance
So farewell, next time, my friend
Let's meet right here again
Or maybe we'll meet somewhere like blossoms in the wind ...

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