Monday, November 11, 2013

Why I Keep Diaries....

Salam Alayk to all.

Would like to share something today- why I write diaries? Some people like, but some prefer not to write what they feel or what they experience in their daily lives. I choose the former since to me, writing a diary provides me some time to reflect on myself,  what has happened to me,  the kinds of people that I met and the sorts. All in all, it is such a reflection on my LIFE.

However, based on what I always do, I found out that writing a diary could not be done without feelings. Things that I write should come deep from my heart otherwise I won't be able to write. Not saying that I write well without any flaws- I just simply write, as long as the words are coming from my heart. That is what makes my fingers work (read: write).

The time I write something in my diary is a time for me to talk to myself, and connect to Allah. This is because the moment I start writing, only my heart speaks and only Allah hears. I love to include my du'a / prayers too, in each of my entry - a lot. Hence when I look back and re-read them, I could feel that I am actually 'speaking; to Allah. That's what I treasure most as far as keeping a diary is concerned. A therapy indeed!

I sometimes forget what I have written in my diaries..Not saying that they are not from my heart, but maybe because I simply wrote without deep thinking. They are merely feelings that are turned into words.

A RELIEF.. Yes, I normally feel a bit relieved after  letting everything out of my chest - in a form of a diary entry. The problem gets lighter, the burden seems to disappear, sometimes. No one knows, no one listens to me. But what keeps me moving is - Allah is always up there, waiting for me to plead. Supplications. Du'a (in the form of written words)-A great way to get connected to Allah, other than solat and reciting Al-Quran. Alhamdulillah...

All in all, I am not urging you to write a diary, but I'm just sharing what I personally feel about keeping a diary. There are many other ways to keep you calm when the time is hard and to share the joyous moments in your lives. You choose you way. I have found mine. Talk to myself first (and Allah) through my writing then only I share with the ones I trust and love. A human being, I am.  :)

Disclaimer: This is based on my personal view, nothing to do with facts. =)
p.s: I don't write everyday.  I write in books/on paper that I could reach whenever I don't bring my diary/microsoft word.

lembah bidong

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