Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November it is..

12 November 2013

Fare you well, LeBEST

Only 3 days left including today before the longgg school holidays start insya-Allah.
Alhamdulillah Allah has planned the best for me that I was offered to teach in one of the project schools, SMK LembaH Bidong or also known as LeBEST; Lembah Bidong Elite School of Terengganu.

Thursday, insyaAllah, will be my last day here. Technically, this is my 3rd school as a teacher. Still waiting to be called for my first placement as a qualified teacher , insyaAllah. (which I don't have any clue at all of where and when it would be.just keep praying..). Let's make our best du'a and pray hard that Allah places me in a good school ( good: easy for me travel everyday, easy for me to travel back home (mums and dads') and near to my *ehem* future husband soon insyaAllah. plus, a place where I find PEACE. Ameen.)
Please make du'a ye everyone.. :-) May Allah bless. 

Graduation Ceremony

Yosh. May Allah make my parents and me HAPPY and GRATEFUL on my upcoming graduation day in Serdang. Won't be going to the one in Canterbury - no financial budget .... 


In the midst of preparing for something big. May Allah make everything smooth, easy and be blessed. May everyone be happy on this. Ameen3x ya Allah. 

A Special Thank You

A special 'thank you' for everything......


Too many Wedding invitations on Facebook! =) To all the newlyweds and future grooms and brides, Barakallahulakum ! May Allah bless your marriage. May Allah ease everything for you. Have a barakah walima  insyaAllah... 


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