Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Fresh, New Chapter

Bismillah, walhamdulillah, 

Today is 28th January 2014, and alhamdulillah I have become a wife to a loving husband for 1 month. May our marriage last till our last breath and may Allah keep us together in Jannah too, ameen ya Allah. 

It's been nearly a month staying in Japan , accompanying Mr. Husband who is in the midst of his final exams and final year research. Insya-Allah may Allah make everything smooth and easy for him, ameen..

Becoming a wife for a month, I have learnt a lot yet loadssss awaiting to be learnt- In fact, I am learning about many things day by day, including about my husband. Getting to know him better- what he likes and what he doesn't etc. 

Staying in Japan is indeed a great experience. I am amazed with the Japanese people's good attitude and politeness. I love to hear the words ending with "mas/masu" a lot each time I go to public places like konbini (just like 7Eleven), restaurants, cafes or shops here (You will hear these "masu" words upon walking into the places , while paying at the cashier and upon leaving). Among the little that I understand is "arigatou gozaimasu" which means "Thank You". haha. I really feel like a stranger/ghuraba' being in the midst of people who communicate using Nihon go (including the times when Mr. Husband converses with his friends). But alhamdulillah, translation is always there when required. Thanks to those who always understand the uneasiness of "keeping silent with constant smile"- just because I don't have the language--- they translated the words/sentences for me! :) Ala kulli haal, alhamdulillah. It helps me to use my little skills of understanding some words through the context. Sometimes my guesses are right. Sometimes. =D

Not going to mention about the modern technology and the efficient services here, but I'd love to share another thing that amazed me a lot. I am not quite sure but when I asked Mr. Husband he said it is common to leave the house safely unlocked. Wow! I'm sure this is realllly rare in Malaysia or even UK. Husband said "org jepun buat keje sndiri je tak kisah hal org lain." huhu. In a way, bagus juga ye tak kisah hal orang. hehe. 

And yes, I am glad to see strong relationship/ukhuwwah among Malaysians here. And I'm learning the ways of how ikhwah/guys make their friendship stronger- the way they gurau senda etc - reaaally different to what girls always do. :D But alhamdulillah,from what I have seen so far, they are all really helpful and easy-going. :) May Allah bless them all.

That's all for now. Below are some photos of this fresh, new chapter of my life... Assalam..

5 January 2014 , Niigata.
 Introducing Mr. Husband. :)

28 Dec 2013, The Big Day. Besut.
Wedding gifts (which I had not any chance to open before leaving  huhu). Jazakumullahu khaira, many thanks!

1st January 2014, Toyama.
Dinner. Some of the girls Amira, Munirah, Yasmin, Mazni and me...

18 Jan 2014, University of Toyama.
Soubetsukai / Farewell Party for the Final Year students.

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