Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Not a new self but a better self hopefully..

Salam 'alayk.

Alhamdulillah it's 21st of January and another year has passed. A one-year addition to my age has been marked yesterday (but according to Hijri calendar I have turned 25 since months ago). Nothing more that I want from Himー other than having all the past years' blessed by Him, and so do the upcoming. Plus, the endless forgiveness from Him, for everything this weak and poor servant of Him has done wrong..

And for the people I love, I pray that Allah gives the best of His rewards : good health, imaan, forgiveness, blessings, blessed rizq and His ever greatest place for all mu'min; Jannah. InsyaAllah..

Thanking everyone for all the warm wishes - may Allah grant all of them the same that    they wished Allah grant me ( or even better ) Ameen..

Feeling so blessed, I am married for nearly one month:) Indeed, it is a great blessing from Allah for sending a soleh husband to accompany my remaining journey in this dunya. InsyaAllah, deep in my heart I hope I could be the best wife to him, ameen..

Not to forget my Mum who has done a lot for me since I was in her womb.. and my father too.. Allah, rabbirhamhuma .. Rabbighfirli wa li walidayya warhamhuma kama robbayaani sogheero. Bless them with the best of health too.. Ameen. :')

p.s: May Allah make everything easy for my husband , Ameen.

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