Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer 2010: Around Canterbury


Had a meaningful summer walk with beloved Aunty Aza... :)
After about 9 months living here in Canterbury, I finally tried the river boat tour..It was awesome! I was lucky that the weather was very nice, providing such a relaxing experience being on the boat trip around Canterbury. Subhanallah! Now I fall in love with Canterbury, much more than I did before... :)

~On my way from St. Pancras London to Canterbury..Cant take my eyes from the lovely clouds and beautiful sceneries outside while the train was moving...~

~ Westgate during summer..~

~ The bench facing the river..~

~ Lovely purple daisies..~

~ Yellow rose...Really love the smell...~

~ Daisies.. ~

~ I wished my feet could reach the cold, crystal clear water..~

~ And our tour began...~

~ The garden..pic taken while I was in the gondola..~

~ Keep touching and playing with the cold water whilst on the boat/gondola..~

So what do you think about Canterbury now?
It's a small, peaceful, and beautiful countryside indeed :)

p/s: Thanks a lot Aunty for everything.. Really enjoyed the trip..Love You. :)


z.e.t.t.y said...

da cm venice pown ad.. =)

SaljuSakura said...

tp sungai tu mcm cetek je..^^

husna ^_^ said...

kak ema, nak jugak g sane~~
kak ema bleh bawak x?? ngeeee~~
miz u a lot!
slalu teringat kita sama2 dulu..skali ng kak biha n ahli usrah~

Faizatul Ema said...

Salju Sakura: hehe, tak sure la cetek takat mana...tapi inshaAllah kalau jatuh tak tenggelam kot.. :)

Zetty: hehe, datanglah..takyah p Venice dah (if tak semapat p Venice.hihi)

Husna...really miss you..datang2, inshaAllah boleh kak ema bawak jalan2 cni.. :))