Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jalan2 London


Alhamdulillah, syukur. Matlamat dah tercapai.hehe. A one-day off to London has given me a great chance to find my winter clothing! We are always late. Primark has been the top in the first places-to-go list of my frens'.Yes. I'm quite sure abt that. But not for us.huhu.No matter what n how, yg penting, we hv made it! --Going to London to settle all important things down! IMPORTANT! hehe..Living in a place of a totally different latitude and longitude has required me to do so. Shivering in this cold autumn (which the natives won't agree hearing this) has forced me to be not-so-looking-forward the unexpectable freezing winter. Undoubtedly, i'm quite excited upon snow men, the pure, white snow and especially the great signs of Allah the Almighty. However, i just cudn't imagine how cold and terrible the winter will be when seeing my fragile Malaysian skin is getting baby-like since I arrived here. =p. It sounds a bit exaggerated but I mean it. Maybe I'm still very new to this. Yes. Still. I wonder how the other places, i mean the ones with extreme weather would be. Sabarlah wahai manusia, itu juga kebesaranNya.. ;)

A one-day travel sounds easy and as simple as ABC, or even more. However, travelling in a foreign country which we are not very used to, needs some kinds of preparation. We need to bear in mind of solah time, where to pray and so on, with considerations. Girls, especially, dun forget to bring ur extra clean socks! Bringing along ur liners is also advisable!=p. Never expect that everything is the same as we used to have in our own country. A bottle of mineral water (or at least an empty one) is absolutely a need, since English toilets will never provide us water inside!huhu. Another important necessity is the Compass! Yes. A manual Qiblat compass is enough, but a high-tech one should also be ok. ;) Girls, again. Personally, I would prefer u gurls bring extra tissue, socks, liners and maybe a pashmina-like shawl wherever u go! It will benefit u, InsyaAllah.. (Dun 4get ur lip balm and skin mosturizer jugak ye!The cold and dry air will easily cause our lips and skin dehydrated!owh.I miss my tanah tumpah darah tercinta..)

Ok, I think this is enough for now. (But, writing is never enough for a TESL student. Some more are waiting in the list! owh. assignments. essays. I luv u! huhu. harap2 hati nih ikhlas!hihi.)

Eyes, enjoy!

~Here we go! This photo is taken on our way to the West Canterbury Station~

~These are what I managed to grab!he..2 beg je..the least among all.~

~My winter coat is inside there! Walaupun geli pakai baju bulu2 gini, tapi terpaksa.errk.~

~Primark is always crowded! I think.huhu.This has made me to force myself to give up wandering inside the mall earlier than others. Better to wait outside.=)

~Primark, London. Lebih kurang Sogo, Malaysia. Ye kot. huhu.~

~On our way..Depan sket je lagik!~

~Kat sini susah cari tudung ala2 Malaysian..Banyak shawl je=p

Ok! itulah cerita nya..tak berapa menarik, but sekadar sharing. Erm, macam ade gambar missing. Gambar solat di padang. Still in my fren's camera. *Lupa cas bateri kamera sendiri, mati half way.rugi2.huhu.redha.*

P/s1: Thanks frens, it's very nice n enjoyable to have all of you..
p/s 2: Buat juniors, takyah la susah2 bawak winter clothing from Malaysia. Bawak satu sweater je dulu cukup rasanya. Cni bnyk pilihan n even cheaper.=p

Peace! (^_^)v


SaljuSakura said...

huhu..2beg je ke?tgk kat fb,berpuluh2 beg berjaya dikumpulkan..hehe...

Faizatul Ema said...

hehe..mine 2 je..jgn tertipu wahai mata..tuh bergaya dgn beg kawan2 je.sorang plg banyk 3 beg. ish3.hehe.

campur2 sume, 16 beg! sebelum kuar train kire beg dulu, takut ade tertggal.he..

zz said...

x sabar nk tgk solat kat padang. pasal ari tu kitorang pk nk solat kat fitting room je.tp x jd.haha. last2 smayang kat waiting room paddington station je. sbb ramai, nasib bek z ade beli cadar mse tu. so, bentang cadar je. haha. ble smakin byk cabaran nk beribadah ni, mmg rse insaf.

Faizatul Ema said...

hehe..tggu ye z..nnti ema amek gmbar tu dar emi...

betul tu, makin insaf..bile solat d padang, dahi terus sujud ke bumi. Kerdilnye diri!!!!!

n smlm tuh, d waktu senja kan..cantik plak tgk langit tu..=)

kul 4 lebih dah maghrib. gelap. Kul 5 mcm 8 mlm! subhanallah!

maisarah said...

salam ema,..
bla nk dtg birm lak,cni pn ade primark,even more...huhu.
miss u!

Faizatul Ema said...


wah..birm?looking 4ward!hehe..insyaAllah bila ade mase n peluang nnti nk jumpa gak sara..bawak jalan2 kt birm k? huhu..sara pun, mehla cni etep.huhu

miss u too dear!