Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Do stop
Please do stop running
O dear tears

But I just cudn't help myself
Nothing cud I do
But let it runs free

O soul!
You are strong! Aren't you?
You are
where the loves of the lovers are
You are
where the beloveds stay in
You are
where the love grows
You are
where the flowers of bliss blossom
You are
Cos you
are where the heart is..

O Lord!
The Source of strength
The Source of happiness
The Source of bliss
The Source of everything..
Help me to stop this!

O heart, O soul..
Be strong!

p/s 1: Every time I see you, rivers of warm tears keep running..I'm sorry..but I do miss you a lot. O Allah, ighfirli..ighfirlaha..Sampaikan salam rinduku buatnya..

p/s 2: Sorry to publish this kind of entry. *personal*

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