Monday, October 5, 2009

A new stage of life begins..

Good day, everyone! Owh, how I wish I cud have all 'goods' in life..InsyaAllah, He knows the best! (^_^)

Just a little sharing about my life now.. Everyday is always a new day for me, n for everyone. Also, everyday I'm hoping for a better day. huh.. Going to class in the early morning wif the blanket of coldness is indeed sumthing very new to me..and sumthing that makes my life very different compared to the former one is the title of being an undergraduate student! Owh, one thing that I might think offer me greater challenges as much as the chances! Wish dat I cud choose the best, prioritise well n do great! InsyaAllah. word that I believe will never meet a full stop. Yes, LIFE is all about learning n vice versa. That mind-boosting word, or even can become kinda haunting, sumtimes, usually reminds me of books, lectures, notes, exams, assignments n homework! Praying hard that I'm always ready for those.. huhu..

***suddenly it sounds serious..huhu..enough2..****
Let me share about my new life in Canterbury..

~Eid 2009, celebrating wif frens n lecturers~

~Laptop yg sungguh menggoda jiwa n menguji iman!Actually it's not th elaptop, but the internet!~

~Focus skett..See the cute couple?bagi semangat tuh!hee..~

~Especially for those who are indeed very special in my life!~
Wait yeee..he

~Homesick. Rindu. Sayang. Kasih. Cinta.~

ELTM-English Language Teaching Methodology (one major subject which really requires me to put another thinking hat- as an educator/teacher!)*sigh* eh, study2!

Gelora Jiwa- "The outer temptation can sumtimes become greater than the inner intention". Having intention alone is not enough to make things real. Oh self, again, i'm reminding you..

"Allahumma yassir wala tu'assir ya Kareem.."


zz said...

haha. lawak gak ema ni. i was thinking of sending something to my family too...

Faizatul Ema said...

huhu..gapo hok lawok tu z?he..jom z, kite g serang post office..royal mail ke..hihi~

SaljuSakura said...

jgn anta kosong je..letak sket2 dlm tu..insyaAllah..mereka pun gembira..
kita kongsi sket kelebihan yg kita dpt dgn mereka..
owh..jgn serang.kite serbu je..hehe...

Faizatul Ema said...

hehe..nk isi ape ya?insyAAllah.. tunggulah wahai insan2 tersayangku yg jauh di mata, especially ma and ayah..hehe..

serbu n serang, lebih kurang je..hihi

*f@ryh@* said...

oo ema pon blaja ELTM ye..same la kite..eha da nk ex da pon..subjek ni sgt mencabar gak..especially our memorization..kalau x hafal mmg kantoi x leh jawab la dalam exam

Faizatul Ema said...

a'ah..owh yeke..waaaa..scary l aplak.huhu/ betul jugak, bnyak terminology yg nk kene paham n ingat..

Allah, permudahkan..amin..

gud luck tau=)