Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feel like having Insomnia..


I'm writing for the sake of doing something worthwhile (hopefully) whilst spending my emergency time of waiting for these pair of stubborn eyes to close..Trying hard to lay on my back and have some rest but it's just too hard, just like they did last night. Huhh. Feel like vomiting every time I force myself to sleep. The same feelings which I always have during assignment seasons, I guess. huhu. Why oh why: no idea! (-_-").

Nothing much academic to do at this particular moment in which I think my brain is not working at its optimum ability. Just replaying Devotees' song, Setiap Kali..Such a very nice and meaningful song..

Not forcing myself to continue my work, yet forcing my eyes to close..Is it because I'm reaching the limit now? Or should I say that I'm playing with the skills of reasoning? ;). ----> NO. and. YES. ;)

One thing I kinda dislike is: Checking emails, which I usually force myself hard to do so. I'm sorry, my bad. That's why I was sometimes lagged behind . huhu. Seeing bundles of emails in my inbox gives me a deep sigh. Huhh..


"Indeed, mankind was created anxious"


Sesungguhnya manusia diciptakan bersifat suka mengeluh..

Not blaming the nature of the creation, but highlighting that it's something common to feel anxious :)

Setiap Kali...

Setiap kali mendapat nikmat
jarang kusedari itu pemberian-Mu
terkadang rasa itu kerana
segala usaha dan penat lelahku sahaja

setiap kali ditimpa musibah
kumengeluh risau bertambah gelisah
hingga terlupa pada-Mu Allah
tempat kembali segala masalah


~Just dropping by. It seems that my stubborn eyes still refuse to close. insomnia kah?

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