Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It has come to an end..


Alhamdulillah I'm now done with all the assignments for my First Year. Alhamdulillah, Thank You Allah, for everything. Last essay is safely submitted to the office this afternoon. May Allah ease the marker's work to evaluate my essay .. ameen. *moga ada peningkatan.. ~_~

And now I should be working very hard *and smart* for the coming final exam. Though it's only 3 papers, I feel a bit (banyak sebenarnya) worried since this is my first experience, sitting for an exam here..Kena start practise menulis essay 2000 words within one hour..Oh Allah please please give me peace...ease... and ideas , ameen..

Now..kena start revision..class dh habis for this term.. *cuma tggal another 3-hr session this monday, klas ganti.huhu* I would prefer group discussions 'cos that really worked when I was preparing for my Final Exam of Foundation Years in IPBA. Memang sgt2 depended on group discussions, selain bace2 sendiri yg kadang susah nk paham n ingat...Esok mula discussions and stay kat library. *huh.baru nk rse as pelajar Uni..Kalu tak, jeling je Library tu, kecuali if ade klas kt hall sana..*

I will miss my assignment-ing mode.*haha.yes, maybe, sometimes I will.*

p/s: Let's pray mase cepat2 berlalu..moga revision effective n membantu..n dimudahkan urusan nk terbang balik kampung..sekejapnye, dh nk abis Tahun 1...

Last but not least...jom bnykkan berdoa n solat hajat...moga Allah bersihkan hati ini.. T.T



zz said...

cepatla abis assgnment dgn first year... x larat dh ni...nk balik mesia....

cactus biru said...

all da very best in ur exam~
moga Allah permudahkan..