Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's now over yet the journey never ends..

Salam 'alaik..

Alhamdulillah.Alhamdulillah.Alhamdulillah. All praises to Allah for everything He has done for me; nothing but a loyal slave of Him...Thank You Allah that gratitude is mine..Thank You Allah that I have managed to hand in all the assignments (I got 8 coursework for this year)..Thank you Allah that I have passed all of them (so far)..Thank you Allah that I have 'safely' sat for the 3-day exam..It signifies a TEMPORARY freedom when the exam is over, and so knowing there's no more assignments waiting in the list for approx. 4 months... :) Alhamdulillah..And now, having a long non-academic to-do list in my head leaves me less stress yet still it needs some kind of 'spirit' and 'motivation'.. If only 'everyone' could understand this...

Having things left delayed and postponed for a while, on the basis of giving myself a little more time to focus on my studies/revision (as if I managed my time that 'wisely' -_-") has never resulted in any comfort and I think it doubles the amount instead. Yet I thank Him for giving me TIME for that, to 'pay back' and to be in the real world of RESPONSIBILITIES. How I wish and hope that everything goes well , God's willing. Sometimes I just feel ashamed of myself, seeing people of responsibility and accountability, doing work with efficacy and determination..And me? A person who still have lots to improve on..and to learn.. [ I bet only some may understand this, in context..] mode: ganbarimasu n praying hard

May is reaching the end..And June's coming...and I have approximately 1 month to spend on things I have put on delay. Yes, there are things in mind (which I consider the most important of all) , and there're some I put on paper.

University events:

29 May : Muslim Society Talk 2 (alhamdulillah, accomplished)
7 June : Cambridge Trip (Can't wait to go punting on the river ^^)
11 June : Jeremy Harmer's Talk (one of the famous authors, and we use his book for one of the subjects, specifically in Teaching Methodology)
17 June : Meeting for all students.
2&3 July: The Cutting Edges conference on 'Language Teaching and Teacher Education'.

Personal plans:

Kent Uni :)
Tour to France.
1001 Inventions Exhibition at Science Museum, London. (yet to be confirmed)
Whincheap ~ Carboot sale :p
Moving out: Packing things >.<

Must-do things:

Lots.Loads.A lot.
It's all about responsibilities..May Allah ease...
(For me, checking e-mails needs high determination...huhu..)

Leaving the UK in early July InshaAllah. ^^

~ Remember 5 before 5 ~

The Prophet (pbuh) said:
“Take benefit of five before five:
your youth before your old age,
your health before your sickness,
your wealth before your poverty,
your free-time before your preoccupation,
and your life before your death.

p/s 1: Praying hard that all things go well..InshaAllah..
p/s 2: Having discomfort of the rashes on my face due to the wrong sunblock lotion...It turns my skin dry and reddish..Cure in progress.. It isn't considered 'cute' to have this natural UNWANTED 'blusher' and 'rosy' cheeks, it's a pressure instead.. >.<

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