Friday, June 18, 2010

Southwest England Tour 15 May 2010


Have a look at some pictures of us on a one-day trip to Windsor Castle, The Roman Baths and Stonehenge... :)


Bnyk mitos pasal stonehenge ni..Ade riwayat kata, tempat utk healing purposes, religious purposes, kaitan dgn UFO and whatsoever..But no one knows the real stories behind these historic stones...huhu

I only love....the sceneries ^^

THE ROMAN BATHS's all about history..basically dulu2 tmpat ni adlh tmpat public bathing..and ade hot spring .. ade museum... penah di featured as one of the wonders in the world..

I just love...Bath itself..The town is big and nice..and heaven bagi org yg suka shopping..maybe. sebab it is the second largest place for shopping after London.. (according to the tourist guide..hehe) Btw, kami tak sempat shopping pun, just grabbed some souvenirs sbg kenang2an... :)


The oldest and largest occupied castle in the world and the Official Residence of Her Majesty The Queen...Kami sempat tengok the guard marching..Dalam Castle sgt2 cantik n besar..but takleh amek gambar ..huhu..

~The view from the Castle..
Eton College, founded in 1440 by King Henry VI (one of the oldest schools in the country) ~

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