Friday, June 18, 2010

Cambridge Trip / LASBELA

~ With beloved housemates... Shud, Aj, Weda, Ira, Emi.. ~


One of our post-exam programmes: A one-day trip to Cambridge with lecturer! Overall, Cambridge best. I love the punt tours the most!! :) and Cambridge penuh dgn basikal2, org2 bijak berbasikal dgn cekap and laju..bangunan2 kekuning2an/coklat muda (typical UK), and river! Cantik.. Thumbs up lah! heh.. ^^

Uni of Cambridge: Besar. Bnyak colleges. College ye scattered je. Even ade gak college dlm town.hehe. menarik..

p/s: credits to Aten , Z, Ili for the photos.. ^^

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