Thursday, March 4, 2010

Allah..Allah..Allah..Ya Allah.. T_T

I'm not alone..Coz Allah is always with me..
Though we are seas and oceans apart, I know I am there, in your hearts..

14 Sept:
Ema, remember, don't u ever forget Allah and miss your prayers..Remember Ma and Ayah always..All the best in your studies.. ~A very meaningful piece of advice and reminder from my eldest brother...


Ema..everytime you go for outings or travel, dont you ever forget to tell and ask your mum first..Be a good daughter, ok..~from Uda..Selangor, via call, from S'wak.

And more..

We all gonna miss you much..Take care..

And many many more ..
That I'll never forget, kept in the very bottom of my heart..

Today..I miss you all very much.. And, always I do..

and others...
Hugs and kisses from me...
and prayers of course..

With love,

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