Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What a super lovely day..


The sun is shining very brightly outside the window of my room, supplying some heat which I miss really much.. What a lovely day, despite the feelings of nervousness, anxiety and uneasiness of waiting for my turn to present, I feel well rewarded with this bright sunny day...Having a Malaysian-like bathing makes me feel even happier.. Alhamdulillah, 3 are down, 4 more to go.. Thank You Allah, that I have done presentation, regardless of whatever results I will get soon..huu..Hopefully everything's fine, or else I need to struggle even more for this coming examinaton as a back-up for this ULL subject..May Allah ease, ameen..

Having my shirt hand-washed this afternoon reminds me about my previous life in IPBA. Owh how I miss that precious moments, living in an apartment with other 11 or 12 friends of mine which helps me to find my self identity. Owh how I enjoy this life so far, Ahamdulillah. Great families and great friends alhamdulilah. ;)

I have to say Good Bye here since I have some work to be settled by today.. As usual, my room will eventually turn to a 'kapal pecah' every time the day of task submission comes.. Tidying up my small tiny cubic world can sometimes be enjoyable though. *be positive, enjoy every single thing u do, that's how we release stress.Yet I hardly manage to do so.huhu*

Till then.
Wassalam :)

p/s: Semoga Allah tentukan yang terbaik buat Baby comel Adawiyah. Allah knows. :)

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