Saturday, March 6, 2010

The reasons why....


The reasons why I re-activate my FB:

(1) My sis asked to do so. Latest pics of my nephews were uploaded the time I deactivated my acc.
(2) Aunty Azmah request..sakit jantung katanya bila ema hilang..hehehe
(3) I was lagged behind. hihihi. Some cohort's news are updated via FB.Especially abt drama thingy. 19 March: staging.
(4) Ramai kwn2 yang request..huhu. *rindu diorang*
(5) Coz I want to.

konflik dalaman berlaku.. Reactivate, be updated, then, deactivate balik..huhh..

Tak tetap hati.Mungkir janji? Layan~

p/s: Yosh! Multi-tasking!!! ^^

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