Monday, March 15, 2010

I read, I think


Just a quick drop by.

I have just come across one blog where I found 'something' meaningful. It does make me think. I'm sorry I just could not help myself to concentrate and focus on the presentation which is planned to happen tomorrow. I'd rather keep on doing things I like to do at this moment. Words just can't explain how and what I feel now; a very strange feeling. It's sort of a symptom of stress, I guess, but much more to be concerned; I'm losing my point of concentration and priorities. huu.. Back to the blog I hv said just now, I could feel 'something' absorbed from the writings. Yes, so far I only found a few whose the writings are effective, full of feelings and thoughts, and a bit touching. It's as if I were in that 'world' of what they're telling about. How strange it is. But, possible, of course.

I'll try.
I'll try to make people enjoy when reading my blog, just like I enjoy reading some of others'.
But.. I wonder how much will people do..huhu..

- Losing focus -
Yoshhh...calling Mama for a quick chat, just to get myself motivated doing my work..huhh..But it's now sleeping time in Malaysia..:( It's hard studying abroad, cos the different longitudes make you feel even farther...*8-hour difference*

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