Tuesday, March 30, 2010

POP Spring in Surrey

-The blooming daffodils in Surrey..-


Alhamdulillah, at last I got a chance to join POP (peace of Palestine) in the UK.. It's such a great event, organised by IluvIslam and MSM UK. Missing the chances to attend POP in Nottingham and Leeds, due to the time constraint, has become an inspiration for me to spend my first day of Easter Break in Surrey. Though it was only a half-day stay in the Uni, the benefits are worthwhile. The first slot begun with the Introduction of IluvIslam (ILI) by Bro Akmal Amri from Warwick was interesting. Not highlighting the ILI part primarily, yet the slot Antara Fateh dan Kamal. At the very young age of 21, Muhammad Al-Fateh had managed to become the conqueror of Constantinople (Istanbul). The speaker also touched on many changes Kamal Attarturk had done (after the end of the Khilafah) upon demolishing Islam or any Islamic elements in Turkey. It seems that I need to catch up on more readings about this. Oh, how little the knowledge that I have about history; specifically the Islamic History.. -_-".

The second slot by the Attache of Islamic Education, MSD UK was about Palestine. Peace of Palestine. But some people question, nothing peace left in Palestine since the war never ends. However, the promise is from Him, and the Messanger, saying that Palestine is blessed. As stated in the holy Quran:

QS, 21:71

"But We delivered him and (his nephew) Lut (and directed them) to the land which We have blessed for the nations"

QS, 21:81

"(It was Our power that made) the violent (unruly) wind flow (tamely) for Solomon, to his order, to the land which We had blessed: for We do know all things."

QS, 5:21

“O my people! Enter the holy land which Allah hath assigned unto you, and turn not back ignominiously, for then will ye be overthrown, to your own ruin.”

These are some verses that Ustaz has referred to, showing that Allah has blessed the land (Palestine). And His promise that Islam will some day rule the world. The end is in Allah's plan, but the responsibilities are ours. How much do we contribute in achieving the glory of Islam? -_-". O Allah, put us among the righteous who love Islam, practise the religion and work for Islam..Ameen.

The most interesting part of the second slot (from my point of view) is when Ustaz talked about the 8 Wise Principles of Ibn Khladun.Yes. This made me think.

1. The strength of the sovereign is not materialised except through the implementation of the Shariah.

2. The Shariah cannot be implemented except by the sovereign.

3. The sovereign cannot gain strength except through the people.

4. The people cannot be sustained except by wealth.

5. Wealth cannot be acquired except through development / al Imarah.

6. Development cannot be attained except through justice.

7. Justice is the criterion by which God will evaluate the mankind.

8. The sovereign is charged with responsibility of actualising justice.

Read and think.Interesting. For me. :-)

And last but not least...The DSLR workshop. I skipped that one, was a bit in a hurry to catch the train and bus back to London and Canterbury..All in all, POP @ Surrey was great! d^^b

That's all for now..

Wslm wbt.

p/s: Yesterday, I was very happy ..

Hope everything goes well.. ^^

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