Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Something wrong..

**Allah...From You I seek help..**



Living a life in a small cubic world does serve me loneliness and sort of unhappiness..Undoubtedly privacy is important yet silence sometimes kills my soul.Telling the truth, I hardly get a full-forced motivation of doing work and assignments in my own sweet room here. All I see everyday are only the four walls, my lappy, the so called study table, chair, laundry basket etc..It is totally different as compared to my life before. I got motivated and forced to do work when seeing my roommates or housemates busy typing and opening some books-yeah, that's the assignment season! But now, I have no roommate. Meeting housemates is only when we have meals together (plus the post-feast conversations) or when we are out for shopping household items.

Waking up with a 'heavy' head almost every morning has become something common that I have to ignore. Am I thinking too much of unnecessary matters? (which I'm not sure what matters they are). Do I take enough sleep? Am I worried too much about the still-in-progress assignments? Am I thinking too much about my LIFE? Am I stressed? Am I in a very critical homesickness?Or maybe too much viewing the monitor/screen, facebooking!*no answer*

One thing that worries me now is myself.I think there's nothing wrong in saying that the weather is getting more terrible day by day that I feel unwell, especially when nights come.The coldness makes me think of staying at home all day long, keeping myself warm and having a heavenly rest, lying on my back in my room (ironically, I still love my room). Now, feeling dizzy and light-headed is not only because of the extra-hot-and-spicy food, but also because of the flu or maybe because of the yellowish lamp which makes me see everything as such an 'eyesore' especially at night..I don't think that I have any extra or subsidiary blood that I always get minor nose bleeding..and I'm not to blame the shampoo I'm using for losing more hair lately..I should thank my tumbler for being loyal to stay beside my bed, though I still get cough.. And about the skin problem that most of my friends and I have since living here, I should thank Garnier Hydralock!It's getting better now..Alhamdulillah.huuhhh..

Am I pressured by the only small and little work I have? Or is it because of the shocking terrible weather which is somehow regarded normal to the locals? Or is it because of the pepsi max?*no more* emmm..Mum said that I should get enough sleep or sleep well, eat enough and healthy, take supplements if needed, and even see the doctor! emm..sorry mum, I think I'm a qualified doctor to myself.hehe.

Huhh..my essays are still in progress.Feel like vomiting, but they are only 1250+2000 words! Wonder how it would be upon finishing a 10thousand words dissertation in the upcoming Year 3 of my studies! Wow! Hoping and praying hard!

Opening Word Document, yeah, should continue putting my thoughts into sensible words!

p/s*Pending Promise: telling about eidul Adha celebration.
p/s:I love blogging.*babbling in my blog*
senang je jari nak taip kalu sesuatu itu datang dari hati..kalu esaimen, tak datang dari hati kot, sebab tu payah nk tulis.hehe..skrg nk lebih mendalami dgn perasaan lah essays nih.yosh! ^^
Credit to Google Image for the pictures!


SaljuSakura said...

*subhanallah..cantiknye gmbr tu..nk tgk real..=)
erm..nice entry..
yg problem tu,cuba selidik,cari jalan penyelesaian terbaik..
yg dah mantap tu,cuba tambah lg kemantapan nya..
yg pelik2 tu,cuba tinggalkan..
yg paling penting..
sandarkan segala perbuatan kita,n apa yg berlaku..adalah kerana Allah..

p/s:setiap perbuatan yg dilakukan kerana Allah,adalah dikira sebagai ibadah..mahupun kita hanya membuat essaiment..

Faizatul Ema said...

Salam alaykum..

*gambar Google image, cantik kan? Subhanallah..

Thanks for reading and leaving your comments here..I appreciate that.

InshaAllah, trying my best to become a better person..n trying my best to do things in my fullest effort and correct intention..


tulip putih said...

kak ema!

salam kak.ni fieqa nie..sje tukar name...hehe..=D

waktu msia dah 2 lbih pagi.sje stay..
x thu nk comment cmne la kak..
but I love ur writings..

seems that u have expressed everything..
n at least it could give me some pictures of ur life there..
keep sharing kak! :)
glad to here more from u..

May Allah guides u in everything that u do..
kalo raser x ley wat keje tu, p la kt kengkawan ke..
at least, ley bg smgt, n bile kite tgk dorang smgt, kite pon jd smgt jugak kan..hehe.:)

pe2 pon kak!

go go chaiyok!
believe in Allah!..
study smart and pray hard yeah!

from ur little sis..hihi..;D

Faizatul Ema said...

Salam fieqa..wahh..tulip putih..my faveret flower! <3

Thanks a lot dearie, for spending ur time reading my blog..and ur comments are most appreciated!

This is what we call life..Unexpected and challenging, sometimes..May Allah guide u too..

Selamat bercuti dan memanfaatkan cuti sebaiknya..Selamat menempuh final sem, wat leklok..insyaAllah, ade rezeki kita jumpa next year..

Missing You sis! <3

maisarah said...

salam emma.
wut can i say,feel the same way now.but no worries.it's just a temporary-mental-disorder.haha.in fact i didnot give a damn care pn msa fes year dlu.bla dh scond year nie..mlmpau2 plak klmlsan n homesick nya~but don't give up.biase lh belja nie ade trun nek dy.huhu.but im keep falling je skg nie.tmbh2 dh nk cuti..it's bloody hard to get up from bed evry morning.it is?.okay.pnjg plak.huhu,bleh wt entry kt blog sndiri nieh..
jgn stress2 sgt kay,.it'll heal sometime..klu rsa xde mud nk wat homework,bleh try another place.amik angin bru..it works!
anyhu,.good luck with all those asignment,n have a great pleasant hols.!!!bila la nk jmpa emma nie.
miss u~

Faizatul Ema said...

Salam, sarah..

thanks reading and for dropping ur comments here.inshaAllah, i'm trying hard now..huhu..

thanks again, for the wishes..tu la, nk jumpa sarah bila ntah..mehla canterbury kalu ade mse..inshaAllah ema pun teringin sgt nk g Birm tu, dgr2 best..bak kata kak v nd k.zaini..hehe..

Missing You too, a lot! <3