Saturday, April 17, 2010

a '2-night' stay at Woolf college,UKC?


This is for You.. My beloved Aunty AzA.. (cehh..vogue nye nama..hehehe)

Thanks a lot, for everything You do..
Thanks for the wonderful meals you cooked.
Thanks for the nice and beyond 5-star hotel's treat.
Thanks for sharing ur lappy (for me to log in the Facebook, Skype and YM).hehe
Thanks for sharing some stories with me..
Thanks for listening to my babbling..
Thanks for being my day and night nurse..
Thanks for suggesting some yet-to-be-learnt Muar's cook/meals for me..
Thanks for (something inside) the pink PAST TIME box :-)
Thanks ...
Many thanks...
Many special thanks..

For You...

Lots of Love,
Nur Faizatul Ema...

p/s 1: Mummy please sleep early and get enough sleep! :-)
p/s 2: Belum cari pengganti sepit rambut yg patah tu..hehe..
p/s 3: Mum is happy for me, upon knowing you are here with me.. :-)
p/s 4: Why is it called a 2-night stay? hehehe.. ;-)
p/s 5: Sorry that I fell asleeep earlier than u did that night, n for not responding to what u said..I'd like to blame the gsk's pills! huhu...

I know You don't fancy flowers. But this one is special.. Cherry Blossom @ Sakura.. You like the smell, right? I'll leave some more aroma in the bed next time! InshaAllah.. ;-)

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