Monday, April 19, 2010

It'll never be the same


When I first arrived here, I fell in a sudden love with Autumn. The yellowish falling leaves do nothing except making the pavement and footpath awesome for a non-local like me, I guess. Then came the chilly winter which has also carved some great, unforgettable memories of snow-playing (or rather can be called snow-bathing . hehe), winter vacation, freezing girls outing and many more. And now I could see more photos of flowers are being facebooked, a clear mark of the beginning of colourful spring. Subhanallah I am very much fascinated, entertained and enchanted by the beautiful, lovely miscellaneous flowers. Yes, summer is coming so soon, inshaAllah. The most awaited moment in which Malaysian students are flying back to hometown.

I had a shock upon knowing about the daylight saving in which the clocks moved backwards one hour last October/Nov. Huh. Winter was terrible that it gets dark as early as 3++ in the afternoon/evening. Tremendous changes in prayer's time are very common that we need to be fully alert to. And now, again again. I could say (as a non-local) that there are a lot more of surprises waiting. Subuh time is 3++ a.m. and Isya' will be at 10++ p.m. Maghrib will be at about 8++ p.m. Wow! It feels like 6 in the evening whilst it's actually 8! I wonder how Summer time would be, more heart attacks, maybe. Wirid after Isya' wouldn't be stopped until Subuh time comes. That's the gap. ;-)

~Westgate Garden during late summer/early autumn, Sep 2009~

~Westgate Garden during early spring, April 2010~

[Oh, I don't have any pic of Frozen Westgate Garden..-_-" ]

Am I getting used to all this: Weather? Temperature? Time changing? The length of day and night? Huh. Yes, I am. But I'll forever be 'jakun', I think. haha. Pardon me. Not much difference found in a Spring day's atmosphere, except for more sun ray which allows me to hang the clothes outside. Temperature: Quite similar to an Autumn's. :-)

Hmm. Something I found hard for me to adjust is my biology clock. I once had a sort of insomnia here. I won't put the blame solely on the internet or Facebook, but it is somehow a problem related to the above changes. Huh. And another (known) problem; nosebleed. I got this new 'experience' since the beginning of my UK life. It's something common, that people here get some nosebleed, because of the cold air. Hmm, hopefully it is not a sign of something serious. Health problem is one of the scariest thing, I guess, with you living far away from your family. Nauzubillah. Yet Allah knows what's best for us.

It's meal time! ^^
Yes, I usually have one heavy meal per day. I'd prefer to define heavy as: having rice (with Malaysian dishes). Breakfast is always combined with Lunch or sometimes with Dinner. That's how it goes. huhu. Snacking has now become a common habit of mine (be it taking chocolate, fruits or cereals). Skipping meals (unintentionally) sometimes occurs, too. But never to worry since I still have and ideal weight. *wink2*

I want a gas stove -_-"

Haha. I don't have that here, but Thanks Allah, I got 2 sets of hot plate cooker, 2 ovens and one microwave: more than enough for me to polish my cooking skills (as if I have any? huhu.) InshaAllah I'm learning and will never stop doing so. Searching for and trying new recipes is now my new hobby.. Thanks Mama for motivating me to get a LULUS level. hik hik. ^^ Lucky I am, being surrounded by great cooks and magnificient meals here! ;-)

Hmm. I've got lots to tell, that I dont know what to write any more :p

Current situation: Slowly getting the feelings of finishing CD essays to be submitted on 28 Apr. Yosh! And the wet towel that I'm wearing (to cover my head) now is getting dryer (Surely ice cubes will never be my choice.grrr..sejukk. Wet towel will do). (I use this to help demolishing this uncomfort (of having nosebleed, or some remaining blood inside the sinus) which may be because of the heat, maybe..

Huhu. No more ice-cream (No,that's very cruel. I wont obey this. hik hik). Regularly take supplements (vitamins). Drink more water. Have less outdoor activities/ outings. InshaAllah this will help.

~~It'll never be the same, 'cause sometimes things only happen once in life...~~

p/s:Jgn abaikan any grammatical error or wrong choice of words or collocation or whatsoever. Betulkanlah. huhu...


-u-n-s-p-0-k-e-n- said...

baru nk ckp letak something sejuk kat kpale utk nosebleeding tuh. alhmdulillah, i've never experienced that =) take care dear! (ckap mcm dok jaoh giler. haha)

EmIRA said...

Oh, sebab tu ema pakai tuala tu ehh
hehee...baru tau~

zz said...

slm ma, miss u a lot. it has been so long since we last had a long chit chat and all those girls talk. ari tu zack dtg pn ema ade guess. no matter what, i still miss those sweet moments though. hope ur nose'll be fine. well, spring is here and summer is just around the corner.take care ye...c ya around. have fun and stay out of trouble!

weda said...

tok sey make eskrem pon dio dok tarah gop! nok kne babap ema neh.

Faizatul Ema said...

aten:hope aten sihat2 je ya..takmo darah2 hidung ke ape2 ke..huhu

emi: hihi.. sejuk actually, but terpaksa wat gitu..tdo pom ngn wet towel.huhu..

zz:z, ema pom rindu z... len kali kalu dtg, ketuk je pintu bilik ema ya..

weda: huhu. please let me eat some more ice cream.pleassssse

eyQah_aHmaD said...

Salam kak ema. :) sgt canthek ya ciptaan Allah S.W.T.terpegun sekejap.mak pun ada tgok gmbr yg akak letak skali dlm blog.cantek sgt. :) best la akak kan.dpt tgok suasana indah gitu. ;)

eyQah_aHmaD said...

Salam kak ema. :) sgt canthek ya ciptaan Allah S.W.T.terpegun sekejap.mak pun ada tgok gmbr yg akak letak skali dlm blog.cantek sgt. :) best la akak kan.dpt tgok suasana indah gitu. ;)

Faizatul Ema said...

wslm eyqah.. subhanallah cantik. Datanglah cni nnti.. :-)

Kirim salam kat Mak ya :-)