Thursday, April 1, 2010



Silence starts to become my loyal companion now..4 of my housemates have just left, heading to London-Plymouth-Torquay for MEKAR, one of the Spring Camps held in the UK. Hope everything goes well and may Allah take good care of them.. May Allah ease everything. Hope they will enjoy themselves to the fullest, meeting new sisters and gaining a lot of reminders or knowledge from the programme..InshaAllah..

Emi will soon be leaving tomorrow for Spring Camp, organised by MSM UK.. Hope she and others (Zue, Ila, and some more) will also spend a meaningful stay in Birmingham..

Me? Looking forward to seeing my friends..InshaAllah.. Berjalan di Bumi Tuhan.. And looking forward to go to Ireland..May Allah ease..Ameen..

I was soo jealous with my friends who have just come back from a short vacation in Holland (Amsterdam). Oh , this reminds me of one of my prev entries, 1000 impian. Zafirah, I'm sorry I didnt mean to make you feel guilty (if so), it's just my over-emotional reaction after seeing all those scenic pics of you.. huu.. That's OUR dream, to go travel to Amsterdam.. Hope I'll get a chance to leave a mark there.. InshaAllah.. Pardon me, that I'm going there merely to see the beautiful flowers, especially Tulips (though I know Amsterdam is very synonymous with the Red Light District! (tq aten, betulkan.ingt STREET je, upenye, lagi besar la..DISTRICT..heee~ Erkkk!). May Allah bless the travel inshaAllah! And as mentioned by my friend,Emira, the buildings there are much different from the UK's; they're more 'colourful' compared to the buildings here. Hope to be there, someday. Anyone? Nak bawak, or nak ikut?

~Retrieved from: Emira's FB..heee..Sory Mie, tak mintak ijin ;)

~Hijau..And this one, from Zafirah's... Z, ema suke gmbar ni!! (Sebab ade org cun kat dlm tu
;-) *mintak ijin ye z!Nak promote Z..hee*

To ZZ, I'm happy that You have managed to accomplish the mission.. semalam tu tindakan refleks je. Air mata nak jatuh dgn sendiri.hik hik.em..tak expect plak smpai... *ym z* disebabkan status FB tu....emm.. Love You. ^^

That's all..
Wassalam wbt.

p/s: Guys, don't ask the question : Why do some girls fancy flowers?!


-u-n-s-p-0-k-e-n- said...

actl, i want to ask that last question. hahaha
coming up soon more picts from me
so, warning siap2. ema jgn nanges lak nnt.. i.allah one day nnt ema lak pegi sana.
btw, it's not red light street but district. nothing impressive there. tettt... ;)

Faizatul Ema said...

haha..JANGAN TANYA ema ckp!
waaa...cant promise la, kadang air mata mudah jatuh..huuu..

owh! ok2..ema edit. almaklumlah tak penah smpai sne..heeee~

nothing???u shwore?huuu

zz said...

haha....ema ni....bgusla si dia wat show his concern...kalo z jd ema rse bertuah sgt2..haha...Insya Allah, jgn riso, canterbury will be in full bloom real soon too..enjoy the first spring in this foreign land. May Allah bless us.

zz said...

by the way ema, amikla gambo cun2 sket...i look really short dlm tu.

Faizatul Ema said...

Huhu. Wallahu a'alam. Alhamdulillah. InshaAllah.. :-)

emm, tak kire, ema suka gmbar yang tu! huhu

-u-n-s-p-0-k-e-n- said...

yeap.. nothing
takde bende lah~
haha XD