Friday, April 9, 2010

MOM is another word for LOVE..

It's just that..I couldn't help myself.. I'll keep telling this from the very bottom of my heart..I REALLY MISS YOU MAMA... T_T

Thank You Allah for granting me with this LOVE..

"O Allah! Forgive me my sins, and the sins of my parents, have mercy on them both as they have looked after me when I was little"

mode: rindu yang teramat..sangat2...


weda said...

i MOM u, mom. ='(

nadiahmustapa said...

Me too!!!
Sabar Ema, tak lame dah tu..

SaljuSakura said...

ape beze MOM dgn mom?

Faizatul Ema said...

weda: :'(

nadiah: inshaAllah..

saljusakura: sama je.. beza huruf besar huruf kecil..hehe. tp MOM: tersiratnya, KASIH SAYANG..