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Try hard vs. hardly try.

Itu muqaddimahnya.hehe. Monolog di saat2 genting dateline esaimen yg kian dekat.. May Allah ease. Dah banyak kali try nk start..Pegang je notes, pandang je rubrics..Tapi nak fokus untuk even tulis the first sentence pun susah..Apelah susah sangat.. Ish3. Alhamdulillah , syukur padaNya atas apa yang aku ada sekarang.

This morning...
I have come across some interesting websites, serving me some thoughts of other people.. It's worth mentioning that some of the articles that I have read managed to captivate and hold my interest,and left me reading the whole pdf file. Up till today, books have yet to be my loyal companion, and this forces me to find some other alternatives to keep myself topped-up with at least a little new knowledge. Alhamdulillah, living here with convenient access to the internet has helped me a lot to do so. Blogwalking ( or sometimes it's just sort of bloghopping :p) is one the ways for people who are not really into book-readings. Skimming through the contents within just some couples of minute can sometime benefit you a lot. :-)

Talking about the language wise, I'd rather say that I hardly do any exercises or write any essays for my SAL (self access learning). Huhh. How am I going to improve my language then? ayyok. Sometimes I think a 3-hour to 6-hour Language Lesson per day would be enough that I don't want to be more 'fascinated' with such things. huhu. *It seems that I'm playing with the skills of reasoning here*. -_-"

Things I found interesting and close to heart today:

The concept of Muraqabah which may be defined as the concept of feeling the presence of Allah, regardless of anywhere and anytime you are. And this leads you to bringing yourself closer to Him, even if people are not watching you.. Do things as if He is watching you.

That's all I could say about Muraqabah. And now, Mujahadah. Oh it's something really really close to my heart. In simple words, I could say that Mujahadah is not easy. Allah has created all human beings with 'something' within ourselves called lust@passion@desire (I need to study these words first to work out the difference :p). In other words, I could say that lust/desire/passion is humans' subtle weakness. Neither we could see it, nor we could take and throw it away. It's all based on our faith or iman in our hearts. In religious context, yes, only because of strong faith within, the lust cmay become fade.. Psychologists would somehow say that our POSITIVE thinking, along with PROACTIVE actions can help ourselves 'fight' the lust. Huh. *nafsu sekarang: nafsu MALAS nak habiskan essay cepat2.huhu.*

Mujahadah Nafs is a jihad :-)

Some more to share,

Ibn Taimiyah said:

"Hati memerlukan kpd Allah dr 2 aspek: Dr aspek ibadah dan dr aspek memohon pertolongan serta tempat berserah. Hati tidak akan menjadi BAIK, BERUNTUNG, merasa NIKMAT, merasa KELAZATAN, merasa NYAMAN, merasa TENANG dan mengecapi KETENTERAMAN kecuali dgn beribadat hanya kepada Tuhannya serta menyerah diri kepadaNya.

Jika hati mencapai semua keenakan dr kalangan makhluk, ia tidak akan tenteram dan tenang kerana ia secara fitrahnya memerlukan kepada Tuhannya sahaja sebagai Sembahannya, Kekasihnya dan Pencariannya. Dengan itulah maka ianya akan mencapai kebahagiaan dan kegembiraan, kelazatan dan kenikmatan, ketenteraman dan ketenangan..."

Subhanallah.Moga Allah pilih dan 'lembut'kan hati ini untuk merasa semua itu..Ameen.

Wallahu a'lam.

p/s: Kenapa la hati ini kadang cepat sgt panas.. Masih perlu baiki diri.. Astaghfirullah.. Betullah, menahan marah itu antara tahap SABAR paling tinggi..

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